The future. Earth is a dead planet.

Its survivors have colonized Mars, while Earth’s outcasts—the criminals, miscreants, fringe-dwellers, and sociopaths—fled inward, to Venus. 

Three generations later, the Mars colony has replicated the worst of the world they left behind: avarice, gluttony, and a thirst for power… while the denizens of Venus, strengthened by hardship forged in brutality and hellish conditions, thrive.

And now, Mars turns its attention to lovely Venus.

COLONUS ©2012 Ken Pisani. All rights reserved.


A hell of a story with echoes of [Arthur C.] Clarke and Greek tragedy, one that gives us an image of our own times.                                            Denny O’Neil, “Batman” writer and editor

Loved it! COLONUS is another fresh take on what the future holds for mankind. This is the kind of sci-fi I live for.                                                       Jimmy Palmiotti, writer, “Painkiller Jane,” “Harley Quinn”

The concept is high concept… but also effortless. FANTASTIC premise, an incredible, brilliant allegory. Arturo Lauria’s artwork is striking and bold, and the coloring is just fantastic.                                                          — The Beat: Comics Culture

Sci-fi is a common genre. Is there really anything more that could happen? The answer is yes. Colonus is one of the finer examples.            —

A great balance of sci-fi, a touch of horror, and a perfect dash of quirk. Gritty… with just the right amount of deadpan humor mixed in.                  — Comics Grinder

Arturo Lauria has created a future full of hard edges, sharp angles, dark shadows, and hard contrast. It’s strange, but… beautiful.                            — All Geek To Me

Best cliffhanger ever! – Fish and Big Al Geek Out Podcast